Thursday, May 22, 2008

geese and baby geese in the target parking lot

was the best thing that happened today. david and i were leaving the store and he just stopped in his tracks and said 'hey!' and there they were: mama goose, three babies, and dad goose all walking in a little line right through the target parking lot. super cute and out of a children's story. like 'goose family goes to target' or 'grace the goose needs affordable home furnishings.' anyway, goose family was today's stand out.

followed closely by tennis with pretty baby and then indiana jones movie. all in all a nice thursday. tomorrow i will go running at celery bog and then hopefully out on the town. saturday will involve a nice trip to chicago with a dinner out at tengo sur, maybe brunch at orange. too much indulging round these parts lately.

which is why, ten minutes ago, i vowed to not overindulge until hawaii. oh, i can indulge--just not overindulge. so, it's vowed!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

spending money like i have it

is what i would title the last few weeks. it's time for me to rein it in a bit and thus it is even better that i'm going on dad-funded road trip home soon. and then dad-funded trip to hawaii after that. hurrah! i'm definitely looking forward to road trip with little brother. our last long excursion was the west texas road trip, like, five years ago and i'm still amused by those memories. especially this creepy little ghost town named shafter, marfa and its mystery lights, bag of gummy octopuses that turned into one amorphous gummy blob after too much texas sunshine, etc. this time our stops will be in memphis, forth worth, and las cruces. rock.

we also got tix to see tom waits in phoenix!!! i'm stoked for serious abt that one. i wondered if maybe tom waits would like it if i got 'real gone' knuckle tattoos and then i could show him and then he'd be my friend for life and show up in the movie for the hit screenplay i'm going to write. but russell said probably not. so i'm still holding off on the knuckle tattoos. even tho i had david write them in for me with russell's uni-ball pen after maize dinner the other night. after that, we went to knickerbocker and the door guy had knuckle tattoos so i spent half the night asking him ridiculous questions. siiiigh.

anyway, had another nicely active day and will soon watch a movie with the bf. and eat pizza. which is why, if anyone asks, i happen to still be a touch puffy even with all this tennis and running and whatnot. because i'm the girl who eats pizza and drinks wine at midnight on a wednesday. i think this is not wholly bad tho, as it makes me very happy and also a fun person to hang with on a wednesday.

Friday, May 16, 2008

i can make earthquakes in my dreams

so that's good. i mean, at least i can give myself superpowers when i need them (i.e. avoiding an arranged marriage to unnamed acquaintance dude).

it has been fun and active round these parts lately with brother bear in town (and thus extreme amounts of tennising) and some parties and nights on the town and various cookings of foods and such. and bombay indian food last night which was also lovely. tonight was watching a nightmare on elm street with pizza and wine which was totally fab.

tomorrow is mall for more tennis balls (and new shampoo for me), k.dees for study/writing time, celery bog for running, maybe maize for fun dinner, and then bars for good times. i'm already excited to get up for such a day.

although i have to say that the other night i had maje half-asleep panic attack, non sleeping kind of biz. like i decided i will probably die from a stroke (and envisioned the awfulness that that would be) then i decided that i probably need to worry about beckett dying soon since she's going to be nine this july, then i worried abt debts, school, potential skin cancer, blindness, &c. i have some going to sleep problems sometimes, so if you have remedies, please advise.

well, to my glass of wine and to a movie or scrabble or something now.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

we heart summer

especially the first few days of it, which are very precious. and my first few have been totally lovely. raven's 80s prom party was last night and was totally fabulous fun. david wore don johnsonny clothes and i found a pink sparkley poofy dress on super sale at macys. there was spiked punch and a vote for prom king and queen and lots of dancing and big hair and hot pink lipstick. then i had an interminable walk home with d and winship that may have been the funniest walk home ever invented except for the fact that i had on four inch silver stilettos that were, by 4am, quite uncomfortable. but it was the funnest night i've had in a while so cheers to that and cheers to prom pictures which i hope to see up on facebook sometime soon.

today was laze central and magazine reading in my pajamas and walking the dog in my pajamas and basically all abt staying in my pajamas all day long. it's been a successful day all around, i'd say.

i feel a burst of summer cleaning sesh for tomorrow with organization of things and various cleanings, clearing out ofs, tidyings, &c. then, after that, i will try to be health girl and sportsy. i do believe that i agreed to playing tennis, badminton, drinking tequila and playing chess with andre and jamie. i don't even like chess but i guess with enough tequila, i could be convinced.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

the real question is

if i wanted to survive on just vitamin water and candy this summer, could i do it?