Saturday, April 19, 2008

spring feverz

i has them.

so it's finally nice here and i'm getting ants in the pants like crazy. i just want beach beach beach and afternoon beer sitting outside and mexican food and tan-ness and new dresses, parties, open windows. i mean, have you smelled the air outside? it's magic.

tonight the debate is between going out for martinis or staying in to watch juno and eat candy. both seem totally appealing as far as i'm concerned. i'm hooked on these bizarre willie wonka sour ropes they sell at blockbuster for 99 cents. i believe that they are sour lemon with cherry insides and they are sort of gross but somehow totally addictive.

also, i've been missing father nature's shed in danville and have been knocking off this sandwich of theirs like every day last week. it's not turning out as well, but it's close enough. nice multigrain bread, whipped cream cheese, black olives, tomatoes, avocado, walnuts, mixed greens, lotsa pepper.

well, phil just called and now the idea's in my head and in david's head, so out we go! time, now, then, to go put on my makeups and something sparkley.

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