Thursday, April 24, 2008

school freak out # 9,565

nervous for prospectus defense tomorrow. it's midnight and i had a margarita and watched superbad instead of writing my introduction. now i'm just staring at my prospectus and willing time to fast-forward me through the beginning parts of tomorrow. it's not working yet.

but i'll do it (the prospectus, not the time fast-forwarding bit) and it will be fine and then i will get some cocktails and feel relieved. so, here's to efficaciousness! may i find it in the next 12 hrs.

oh, i took lucky magazine's advice and bought myself some laura mercier mineral powder makeup and i LIKE it! my skin's super sensitive and it hates makeup but lucky mag was totally right and this stuff seems to actually be making my skin look nicer (instead of nice for one evening and then like someone ran it over the next day). not that you want to hear abt makeup or whatever, but i want to give my support to products i like. seems cooler than advertizing.

anyway, now i'm gonna walk the dog and stare at my prospectus some more. let's hope nobody asks me anything hard tomorrow.

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