Tuesday, April 22, 2008

michael cera has the sweetest face

except for this one student i had who had the most innocent baby face that he could have been in movies abt puppies and ponies and everything good in the world. but that's beside the point.

so, yeah, michael cera and jennifer garner save juno from utter attempts-to-be-cool oblivion. they both made me get teary while on the swisher. a sweaty, teary jen on an elliptical trainer is maybe not the kind of image you'd like in yr brains, but i wanted to express that juno has some nice sentiments, is all.

now i go to take a shower and to work on 601 key-text project (feh) and then on prospectus summary-introduction thingy (double feh).

but now that i'm a sephora beauty insider and they gave me a birthday present of body wash that smells like delicious cookies, the shower will at least be quite pleasant.

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