Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a little sad

finished last ep of sopranos tonight and i'm left feeling sort of empty and sad -- as usually happens when i finish a good book or tv series or whatever. lonely for the characters and such. but the ending sucked enough ass that i can kind of feel bitter. in just the same ways that last season of buffy was pretty crappy, last season sopranos was also pretty crappy. gotta say that buffy was worse tho, imo.

and i don't want to get all psychoanalytic death-drivey or whatevs, but it sure it does seem that the writing and directing takes a big fat downward spiral towards the ends of these things. all sorts of main people dying, getting eyes poked out, general dismal atmosphere. which is why i broke up with lacan years ago, really.

also went to indy this evening and did some shopping and some trader joesing and d read parts of the euripedes play hippolytus as we drove there and back which was cool.

and it seems as tho i have a prospectus defense date: april 25. yikes!

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rdne said...

I so understand this feeling, but with Buffy there is life after series finale: Buffy Season 8 (in comic form). Joss wrote the first 5 issues; Brian K. Vaughan the next 4 (also wrote the comics Ex Machina, Y the Last Man, Runaways, and currently writes Lost); Joss the next 2, Drew Goddard the next 4 (wrote for Buffy, Angel, Alias, and Lost also wrote Cloverfield); and Joss is writing the current issues of the series.

It's good stuff, if you read comics (or ever have) I suggest you check it out.