Thursday, March 27, 2008

through the roof, underground

it's perfect until saturday round here, so that means nothing new to report. i've been a little baby angel, really. tonight i tried making these spinach/mushroom wrap things and they turned out pretty good. i substituted bell peppers onions and black olives for the black beans the recipe called for and it was successful. i'm bored of black beans. next i try roasted eggplant, grilled onion, feta wraps with lemon aioli. i don't know what's up with me and wraps right now, i guess it's a phase.

tonight i also did an hour of swisher to wristcutters which was entertaining (tho a little macabre and sloppy). it had tom waits in it which is a plus for any movie. and it made me wish that i got to see gogol bordello like my brother did. i kept being distracted by the actresses tho cuz it seemed like the two main girls looked exactly the same but with different hair colors. skinny with big eyes, i think. i like almost all kinds of underworld movies and i love romance so it was kind of a best of both worlds type deal.

my analytic skills don't seem really up to par tonight so i think i shall retire to the red couch and read some spanishes before i go to sleep.

fun things in the future = mfa readings tomorrow night, coed baby shower sat afternoon and what i'm assuming will be an off the charts, ass over teakettle type party at jess and stephen's. hurrah for mfas.

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