Friday, March 7, 2008

so it's officially spring break which is lovely and i'm so glad that i still have it and i'm almost 32. that's a life well-planned in my book. here's to a lifetime full of spring breaks!

of course, i did promise myself to finish a draft of my prospectus and that will be a bit of a drag. but i can do it my pajamas and that is never a drag. so bring on a week of icy, frosty, not-at-all-spring spring break.

on weds, instead of reading on the road in bed with peach and mango tea, i was convinced to head to spurlock's to celebrate a fellow's abd status. i told myself one jameson and had four which, actually, i consider a success. it was a nice night out and the black sparrow is far cooler on the weekday without poseurs right and left. i mean, it's indiana people, you're not that cool.

dunno what's on for tonight. first some food and then something delightful, i'm sure. cuz anything is going to be delightful to me tonight. even if it is watching 30 days of night in my comfy pants.

i've been feeling very free lately and i've gotta think that kerouac has something to do with it.

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