Thursday, March 13, 2008

le hangover

so, yeah, there was the 'bocker there were mfas there was a table of philosophy guys and my pal jameson. what else could result from that curious combination?

and then abt ten minutes ago, as i lounge on my bed in my comfies reading kerouac, it becomes clear that i have a cold. i wondered abt it all day and, yup, the cold just busted out for reals ten minutes ago. siiigh. my throat hurts i'm all soggy kleenexes and the hotcolds. right at the ass-end of break too. and stephen's happy birthday on saturday night.

but i'm feeling good emotionally and all that. making creepingly slow progress on the prospectus, buying strange things online for kicks, watching lots of dvds. oh, i really thoroughly enjoyed dan in real life this afternoon over red pepper & tomato soup. i'm very sensitive on these hangover days you know and easily moved and i really extra enjoy anything that is heartfelt. so i thought that movie was sweet and ownable. the scene where dane cook and steve carrell sing the who song made me get teary and swoon.

so now what? to bed? prolly not. instead perhaps sopranos, a hot chocolate, and nyquil.

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