Saturday, March 15, 2008

i did what i could

kind of a sorry saturday today. i finished hamlet for 601 (snooze) and then had a long but dissatisfying sick nap from which i woke up vaguely sweaty and still totally sick. i got it together to go to the knickerbocker for stephen's birthday for one drink and then promptly bailed when everyone decided to walk to mehdi's for dancing. there was just no way i was gonna make it to his place and back home in the snow much less be any fun while there. i was already really pretty boring at the bar i think since i didn't want to talk too much for the coughing. i put on a lot of gold jewelry, though, in the hopes that it would distract people from my boringness.

i'm sure now that i made the right decision in not staying out cuz i can't stop coughing even with one of those gross cherry cold-eezes in my mouth.

feh! saturday night colds are for the birds.

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