Monday, March 3, 2008


the sycamore review fete on fri was lovely and i drank way too much free wine. but that's to be expected. there was a minor downer when i realized that the lovely, willowy anna l. was wearing THE EXACT SAME DRESS AS ME. i mean, come on. we're in lafayette, indiana and the closest anthropologie is an hour away and is stuffed to the rafters with interesting cocktail dresses. so of course one of the cutest poets in town picks the same thing i pick and then we choose to wear it to the same party. hmph, but whatever. i got over it after glass number three.

what was lamer was that on saturday the neighbors down the hall (with whom i thought i was friends) had a party and didn't invite us. so that was confusing and disheartening. esp running into mutual friends in the hallway and having to say "oh, i wasn't invited" when they asked why i wasn't there. so, hmph.

what i'm gonna do now is focus on my future by working on my prospectus, my syllabus for the great american novels class (theme will be resistance and rebellion, so excited!), and my espanol. i'm currently practicing translating with gabriel garcia marquez who is a perennial favorite.

even tho matt told me that knuckle tattoos are dirty and that i should get something more artistic, i'm feeling feeling antisocial enough to ignore the desire to be pretty.

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