Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy spring day

so we all know i'm an atheist. but i'm an atheist who loves holidays so i call today 'happy spring day' instead of the more traditional 'jesus is resurrected from the dead day.' i made veg enchiladas in honor of the new season and drank margs to toast the oncoming sunshine. unfortunately for me, it actually snowed today. however, even ghettoass payless grocery store looks beautiful these days with the explosion of spring flowers they've got by the entrance. and they also have this 'cake for two' section that constantly tempts me with little packages of two slices of delicious looking cake but i'm so good that i haven't once bought the little guys. point being, it's spring time even if the weather is trying to deny it. i've got spring in my insides like gangbusters anyway.

on friday d and i didn't go out until 1am which is what happens when you live 5 blocks from every bar in town. last call is at like a million o'clock in indiana anyway and if i have more than a few hours to drink these days, i end up regretting it in the morning. ran into phil, mickey, some other guy and drank some drinks with phil at knickerbocker. on saturday d fell asleep super early and then put himself to bed but not before asking if i drugged him which i did not. then i read willa cather and material culture until i got so bored that i couldn't take it anymore.

now i will read iris murdoch: a reassessment until d says we can watch more sopranos. i was worried (like sick in the stomach worried) that the reassessment was gonna step on my dissertation toes but thankfully it is so abstract and boring that it's like retrograde.

oh and i usually hate poetry but i like this black baldwin grand by a girl i see in the halls but do not know.

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