Wednesday, February 13, 2008

yay for the future!

hurrah for little brother who has gotten accepted to the phd program at u.c. davis! with five years of funding! i woke up really happy today and then wondered why and realized it was because he got something good that he deserves. there are very few people in my life that when things happen to them i feel like they happen to me too and little brother is certainly one of them. so, yay. i'm feeling emotional champagne on his behalf.

today i learned:

not to go on the job market while abd. at least that seemed to be the dominant opinion expressed at mod/con tonight. which is okay i guess because recognizing that is recognizing the reality of the job market sitch for most literary types. and market = not good. i believe the word "bloodbath" was tossed around at boiler market tonight. so it's time to work on publications and mas conferencias y cosas asi. i looked at a successful cv tonight and cried silent, internal tears at the work i'm gonna have to do in the next year or so. twenty conferences, m, twenty?

but, hey, thanks to mod/con for snapping me out of spacey dreamer mode. every time i've decided to evade reality, i've gotten straight smacked in the face. so let's embrace things as they are and, as they say, roll with it.

in true jb fashion, i will begin rolling with it tomorrow

and tomorrow and tomorrow

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