Monday, February 11, 2008

would you forgive me?

if i wrote abt the weather one more time and then promised to never do it again? okay? good.

so it's 15 degrees and snowing here in the place i barely want to be anyway. and i don't even like humidity (i'd rather have blazing dry arizona with its tim burton cactuses and signs for rivers where there are none) but what i wouldn't give for a hot old indiana night where you can go out in a skirt and a tanktop to walk the dog. and then sit outside by plants and flowers and drink a glass of wine. at this point i'd rather sweat buckets than hunch my shoulders one more time against the cold. at least when it's super hot you feel sort of liquid and loose. now with this face hurting cold i feel like a bunch-of-sticks body. if you can feel like a bunch of dry old twigs tied together and feel fat at the same time.

today i feel very strongly that:

if it's not messy it's not a real home.
anthropologie wants me to look like a french mariner.
blood oranges actually gross me out.
sleepy snoring bulldogs that fall asleep on yr magazines are the cutest.

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