Friday, February 8, 2008

to make oneself more beautiful, more tasty

kafka posed that as a question in a letter to max brod. it doesn't sound very much like kafka, does it? altho i am taking it entirely out of context so that could be part of it.

i'm convinced i'd be much more tasty if i invested in a pair of coach's 4 inch high wooden wedge sandals. yes, i'm obsessed with wedge heels. but they would be for my various beach vacations and i read in vogue once that wedges are the only appropriate heels for the beach vacay and i'm inclined to believe it. these particular shoes would probably best be paired with a tiny skirt, gigantic earrings and some kind of tiny animal that you could carry around in a louis vuitton bag. so maybe that's the argument against buying them.

anyway, had a productive week despite my best efforts to take naps and get nothing done. finally got car back from broken-side-mirror-fixer-place, made vet appointment for b as she's shedding big chunks of hair (can't be good), and got a sample prospectus (among other things). prospectus looks pretty easy to write but maybe that's just the hubris talking. easy or hard, i don't think i'm gonna manage to get my ass on the job market next fall. i don't think i'd be a very good candidate at that point with nothing published and like two conferences. so there's a daydream deferred. but tevs, i'm gonna win that hgtv dream home contest and i also have lolcats. fine by me.

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