Thursday, February 21, 2008

still yr hands / and still yr heart

had a lovely small town moment today as the only customer in k.dee's coffeeshop on main and 11th downtown. it was snowing out and the owner was sitting in the corner with a couple of friends and guitars and they were singing fun folksy songs like bob dylan and such. he has a lovely singing voice and i knew i was having one of those defining things that i'll remember when i think of the best parts of living here. you know, perfect double americano, ethnographic essay abt speed dating in front of me, blue pen, snow, coffee shop owner who made the little band stop every other song for a smoke break, his grey fedora tipped to one side. that kind of thing.

also, they are having a scrabble tournament soon with "prizes and honors" and have already had a battleship tournament. that's cute. more people should go there to help keep them in business.

so i did this thing last night that i really shouldn't have done. i took out my old photo albums from europe and a couple of journals from abt 2001-2003 (and before this i had three glasses of cheap red wine). i need to remember that nostalgia is one of my least favorite emotions. i know some people find it mostly positive, but i find it mostly sickening. for my old self, for all the old things that i wanted. it's like i swallowed clouds. or a whole overcast sky.

plus, i've been listening to too much cat power. and that will make anyone want to cry in their beer.

and what is her version of 'breathless' doing to me? it's really captured me, friends. i wanna spin circles to it, yell it in a punk karaoke version, serenade pretty baby with it in knee socks and a bubble skirt.

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