Sunday, February 10, 2008

the sparrow, grilled cheese, beat poets

last night was a pretty good one. after a friday night of accidentally falling asleep at 10:30 like grandparents or something, david and i firmly decided to go out. before going to black sparrow and knickerbocker with phil, we took ourselves to indy for trader joe's and a brief shoppery at keystone crossing. i got some much needed makeup, a little silver coral shaped hook for my growing necklace collection and a weirdly yellow cardigan that was moderately priced.

so we only stayed at the sparrow for one drink but we were in the front room and i definitely like what they have goin in there. art that i would actually want to incorporate into my own space and an awesomely awesome black chandelier and other industrially sort of lighting. my favorite was when this smashed redhead with a stick straight bob and severe bangs made friends with me and phil and then danced some fake flamenco with the doormen and got a bunch of other people to dance after that. she wore this supertight (and superflaterring) color blocked black and white dress and a big heart shaped pendant necklace. totally fetching. she said she was a chemistry major and that she loved beat poets.

then knickerbocker and whiskeys and late night grilled cheese to prep phil for the drive home.

today was lazing around and then 27 dresses with phil and david. i'm so glad that they would go to such a frilly girly movie with me! it was exactly what i needed. like sugar for my brain.

on an unrelated note, my looks for the winter/spring will be a) bored girlfriend of a beat poet and b) whimsical but slightly wayward audrey hepburn.

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