Wednesday, February 20, 2008

so i've been grading papers and laying low, i guess. tonight d and i intended to go grade at vienna but found it crowded. so we ended up at the new egyptian bar where we drank wine and ate some dinner. falafel was a'ight, grape leaves kinda gross. phil met up and we chatted and worked and it was a nice, out of the ordinary kind of night. which i appreciate since i don't seem to go out that much (even to grade papers) during the week.

looks like i might go to chicago this friday to hang with sarah and matt and see soto (!) who is in town for work. i'd be very excited to see him since he's the awesomest and i bet he will have new tattoos and new pix of his baby daughter. so i'm hoping the weather will permit.

other fun things in the near future are oscar party on sunday, sycamore review's "gala fundraiser" next friday and watching a movie in class for all of next week.

now it's time for some peach and mango white tea and an apple cookie before bed.

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