Sunday, February 17, 2008

porns and clowns

so david said something yesterday abt being at my place all the time and i thought he sounded sort of negative so i said, "what are you talking abt, guy? it's like ponies and clouds here all the time." and he was all, "porns and clowns?" and then i had to clarify but his version actually sounds like way more fun.

anyway, the valentines was lazy romance, grad school style. large monical's pizza (half plain cheese, half pineapple), a bottle of coppola claret and a bottle of cline ancient vines zinfandel, and listening to cat power jukebox which is rad, esp "breathless." and watching 9 to 5 which holds up surprisingly well despite dolly parton's torpedo boobs. lily tomlin is effing fantastic in everything she ever touches as far as i'm concerned.

friday was another night out at the bocker with phil and this time also raven and winship and (briefly) mehdi, adryan, nice looking new mfa guy whose name i can't recall. then saturday was inevitable hangover day with the at-home watching of groundhog day and then the movie-theater viewing of jumper. it was entertaining but the cuts were sort of painful for a hungover person--lots of violent camera movements. plus, having summer in it just made me miss the o.c. must remember to buy myself season one.

today i looked at 11 drafts of student papers, answered 800 emails from students, and then made a ginormous stir fry. tonight vegetable pile-up featured brocolli, asparagus, and snap peas among many other more mundane things. my favorite stir-fry sauce right now is the house of tsang szechuan one.

a subject for another blog is the way in which email has made teaching a bloody nightmare. do you know how many emails i've gotten from students asking me to attach assignment sheets they've lost? at least a zillion. dealing with emails at all hours of the day is a drag for which i am not paid enough. better lay down some stricter rules on the old syllaubs next semester.

well, ciao bella. welcome to another week.

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