Tuesday, February 26, 2008

perfect until friday

is my motto for the week. that means i will exercise and count my points like a good weight watchers girl and do all my work and even the lame bureaucratic stuff i don't feel like doing. then, when sycamore review party comes, i can really deserve it. and perhaps fit a tiny bit better into either the gold/tan dress david bought me or the green/pink/black party dress from anthro. it may only be tuesday night but i have to say that, much like mary poppins, i'm practically perfect in every way. so far. and probably in many different ways than mary poppins but whatevs. so far so good is my point.

watched darjeeling limited while on the swisher tonight and liked it. i think it's wes anderson's most beautiful movie. it's got it's problems--i wish it had a bit more heart and i'm starting to feel like i'm watching the same movie over and over, but his movies are so gorgeous and edible that i'll overlook. plus, i'm just happy to find anyone who has a singular way abt them and wes anderson sure has that. i like watching movies and reading books that make me more aware of detail, like every little thing around me is particular and special and magic.

deanna left me a very cute voice mail today. it went like this (verbatim. i know cuz i relistened until i got it all down):

hey, jen, it's me. i'm just at the beach and (brief pause) oh my god a bumblebee just almost walked into my car um (long pause) oh! so call me back back okay bye oh i'm on my 415 cell phone okay bye.

that one made me laugh.

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