Monday, February 25, 2008

man, i'm tired. turns out all the stuff they say abt getting older is true. i went out on friday night and then went to chicago on saturday and i'm still effing exhausted. going out both nights just used to be par for the course. also, on saturday, i had one of those hangovers like in the movies where noise is really bothersome and everything is spinnies.

seeing soto was good times tho. we met up at sarah's and then went looking for good restaurants on broadway. we picked up a bottle of cab at treasure island and then had enormous plates of pasta at adesso. he had fusilli with spicy sausage in creamy tomato sauce and i had gnocchi with butternut squash and sage-butter sauce. yummmmmmm. we also split bruschetta with arugula, roasted tomatoes, and ricotta. he showed me baby pictures, made me laugh doing impressions of his angry mexican grandma, and talked abt all the candy he likes to eat. it was just like old times except for the baby pictures part. but since the baby has very fat cheeks and makes awesome faces and also because i love soto but not at all in a sexy way, i didn't mind the baby pix part.

then we met matt and sarah for drinks at wilde's which is an oscar wilde themed bar. too big a bar for my taste with loads of people eating pub food but had a compelling number of books and an interesting posh library kind of section. kinda weird.

then a late lunch on sunday before coming home totally wiped out and feeling borderline sick. too wiped out for oscar party, as it turned out which still makes me sad. but i had to grade eight papers and do some other stuff before faceplanting on pillow so i know it was the best choice.

i have a nice week of watching v for vendetta in class and judging the high school portion of this year's literary awards before friday's "gala fundraiser" for sycamore review. gotta decide which dress to wear...

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