Monday, February 4, 2008

a baggy monster

to borrow a phrase from russell, was exactly what i was today. just a sleepy, grumpy monsterfest. everything that anyone said sounded like a pile of lameness and i had less energy than eeyore when it came to teaching. and all i had to do was say like two things and then start a movie. so what's up? maybe i have that bad weather sickness.

the weekend was a'ight tho. had party and paul and whit's and then went to the knickerbocker with mia and phil. raven touched my boobs again, which seems to be an emergent theme. she's a funny girl, that one. i hope we get to hang out more often. and not just because of her apparent comfort with girl parts.

well, i guess i'll just daydream now abt the promise of my beach vacations, the prospect of paying off my credit card debt, and the potential fun to be had next weekend.

i will ignore that other stuff that's creeping up all around me.

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noweverybody said...

Russell who straight lifted the phrase from an introductory essay on Bakhtin, whose author I believe took the phrase from its original source...Henry James, who I think was commenting on Russian novels in general. And I hate Henry James, but love that phrase.