Thursday, January 3, 2008


so that was an unintentional blog hiatus. but now that i'm back in the laf and getting back (begrudgingly) into work mode, let the blogging begin. again. i kept meaning to stop in to the internet and say hello, but i just never really felt like reflecting. i guess i still don't. last year sucked pretty bad and i'm glad it's over. and yet i'm dragging my heels a bit with this 08 as well. i suppose i'd like to stay on this fab break and not start the whole working hard, passing tests bit again. i keep telling people that i was meant to be a lady who lunches.

also, i feel very enclosed when i'm in indiana. like i'm confined to a very narrow space. when i'm west, i feel like everything is open and that i can breathe. of course, arizona was totally restorative as usual. i especially loved the various cook-off/bake-offs that happened with the fam, the excessive drinking of wine, the several days of tennis, and all the little treasures i brought home with me.

it was also good to visit bon again (one of the store loves of my life) for all the awesomely arty, friendly, inspired, whacked out gear they stack around themselves. the mother and daughter who own that store seem to have the right idea about things and i always leave feeling like i want to take on a million projects and think creatively again.

plus, pops has made all the arrangements for the fam to go to hawaii this summer! and i get to bring my pretty baby and russell gets to bring his pretty baby. so that will be a fabulous light at the end of the tunnel for all of us, i think.

anyway, more later. i'm getting a cold and those nyquil i took are starting to make me feel a bit stoned.

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