Friday, January 18, 2008

well, it's midnight

and i'm just abt ready to go out on the town with david. i have my gold hoop earrings and a shiny shirt on plus actual makeup so i feel like a presentable human being who is ready for a martini.

today i got so bored in conferencing, waiting for students that i started writing a story called 'tito and the nails' abt a band that's sort of a punkier version of the decemberists. will tito propose to his long time love and papier-mache artist, miel covarrubias, or will he fall for the band's beguiling new accordianist? this question and several others will be answered next week when i'm bored out of my head in office hrs.

i will also start on my next project, 'jessica pepperpot is magic.' who is jessica pepperpot and why is she magic? i'm not sure yet.

but a girl's gotta invent her own interesting things in a town where the only decent bar is currently featuring the live music of The Cheese Weasels.

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