Thursday, January 24, 2008

weather, don't be silly.

it's 2 degrees outside. and i think that's just plain ridiculous. 2? not appropriate no matter which way you slice it.

some fun things that happened today were: my purple shoes arrived in the mail and are cute altho somehow slightly cheaper looking than imagined (but still fun) and also it appears as tho deanna will earn her bff status once again by bringing me along on her i'm-so-good-at-my-job trip. this year is to cancun! hurrah! what a girl, that deanna. now i have to lose 10 pounds off my ass so that i won't embarrass her in front of her work friends.

to that end, i had soup and salad for dinner tonight. i'm obsessed with trader joe's organic tomato/roasted pepper soup. and, also, did anyone know that trader joe's lemon curd is fucking awesome? it's like super tart lemon pie filling. but i don't blame you if you didn't know cuz why would anyone want to eat something with "curd" in the title? but i guess there are midwesterners who buy cheese curds all the time and that sounds actually way more gross than lemon curd.

so tomorrow's friday yay yay yay yay yay. and i get my first long papers from los estudiantes on monday, so i'm gonna live it up while i can.

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