Thursday, January 17, 2008

we will dance all bright and fire

and we will waltz with them red flickers.

or so says my brain OVER AND OVER AGAIN because mariee sioux got her impish little tongue and guitar-pickishness all up in my head. really tho, she's lovely really and those are not bad lyrics to have cycling around in yr noggin.

so it's a lovely thursday night dangling over a sweet and easy friday day. just 601 tomorrow morning with aparajita giving a quick talk abt teaching the 'great works' literary survey course. then two classes worth of conferencing which is is easy-peasy. and i am absolutely going completely fricking stir crazy, so tomorrow night i need to dress up, put on some enormous gold hoop earrings and anything else sparkley i can find and get some gorram cocktails. it's time for me to stop feeling like someone out of a nyquil commercial with kleenex shoved up her nose.

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