Sunday, January 6, 2008

the sunday-est of sundays

here at nobeckettno, we hate sundays. they mean the end of weekend good time fun and the beginning of drudgery. and since this is the final evening of my much-cherished winter break, today has been supremely depressing. unseasonably warm but depressing nonetheless.

to battle my dread, i'm drinking pellegrino and remembering what it was like to have tv. did anyone else watch giada's show that she filmed in santorini? i looooooved that show. it made me want to convert to mediterraneanism. if you could do that. like being all oceany and sundrenched, eating tons of fresh homegrown vegetables, rolling around in olive oil, whatever. it even made me want to eat fish. which i may or may not do. i've been a vegetarian for about 14 years now but i'm feeling the urge to go vegi-style. probably small town in indiana is not the best place to begin fish-eatery, though.

my total daydream right now is to become magically independently wealthy and take a leave of absence to go live on a greek island to write a novel. it would be totally hemingway but without all the moodiness and infidelity.

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