Thursday, January 10, 2008

some sadness

chida emailed me today to say that brian from the dovre club died on tuesday night. we weren't close or anything but that just breaks my heart. he kissed me once and called me 'herself' in his naughty irish brogue and always gave me drinks on the house and was generally the most fun thing abt that bar (in which, for me, there were many fun things). he had thin lips and blonde hair and said he kept the old 97s in the jukebox just for me but i never believed him. he was a bright, innocent crush for me at a time in my life when that sort of thing was hard to come by.

i especially remember that birthday night when russell and i drug the parents and uncle ed to the dovre and dad bought everyone in the house a round of drinks. the many nights that fritz and i ended up there. always running into therese, sitting next to chida and lorena on the black leather couch. all the rumors abt the clientele being ira sympathizers. it was brian's bar and it was always my favorite bar in the city. now i think it would be hard to go back.

anyway, there is a brian-sized whole in the heart of my beautiful san francisco memories.

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