Saturday, January 26, 2008

see if i care

so i'm a little depressed. there's a party tonight that i wasn't invited to and i know it's uncool to say it, but it actually bums me out. i don't want to be miss popularity or nothin, but i could have used a party tonight. and to imagine a bunch of my friends (and other people way more boring than me) out eating snacky party food and dancing and drinking cocktails makes me recognize something even less cool to say. i'm lonely. so that sucks.

but i can't cry in my pinor noir all night. so i took a nice hot shower and did my favorite sugar scrub and now i'm eating an apple and drinking pellegrino.

and last night was fun. david and i met up with phil at the knickerbocker and i drank some whiskeys and the band played 90s music (it was gooooood living with you waaoow, it was gooood living with you waaaoooow) and then there was some stones on the jukebox and then we went to sunrise diner for late night snackery. and it was like a marlboro smoke bomb went off in my hair, but that's the midwest for you, right?

so, whatever, i guess. i never was popular anyway.

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