Wednesday, January 23, 2008

real gonna recognize real

it's snowing out and i'm finishing a glass of wine. the d and i started watching some (thus far) crazy lame romantic comedy with buffy and alec baldwin. and, yes, i made him get it because i love buffy. but instead of being buffy like she should be, buffy is some lame name-dropping book editor. siiiiigh. but if you want a good drinking game, pick up suburban girl and drink at every cheap-ass literary reference you hear. you'll be on yr ass in a good five minutes. either they want to stroke every lit major's ego or they want to out-snob every normal person.

plus, alec baldwin looks like an over-fed lobster.

but enough vitriol. as i heard someone say once (mas o menos), "people need good literature. it is not a lifestyle choice. humans need art to survive and that's an unavoidable fact. recognizing this is fucking normal, but it's like i discovered oil or something."

so let's make it, peeps. suburban girl doesn't cut the proverbial mustard and we know it. i've assigned myself some penance to see if i can get this to stick for once. i will write a hundred times:

all drinking and no fiction only makes failed writers.

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