Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i'm into hot pink right now

and anything with rosettes. and this odd but compelling coconut lime body wash i bought last week. plus i want wallpaper with safari animals on it.

this is mostly because the first half of this month's domino magazine made me so happy on sunday morning. domino and i hung out on the red couch and, over several cups of black coffee and a nice chunk of baguette, it convinced me to buy a pair of purple patent leather mary jane wedges. if that's not a valuable partnership, i don't know what is. but then the second half got boring so i went back to bed.

all in all, i had a nice long weekend. adryan had her housewarming on sunday night which was swell and i drank just enough wine to be incredibly laughy and chatty. then some of us went to to mia's to drink beer until we were too tired to hang out anymore. on monday, i went to trader joe's and got lots of treats.

and now it's tuesday and tuesday is boring. plus, i've got the old grading to do. feh. at least i'm feeling creative and happy abt life in general. i've got a villa italia italian grapefruit soda to drink, the rest of a bust magazine to finish, and a boyfriend who's gonna come home from his night class soon.

and purple shoes winging toward me via usps. viva!

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