Thursday, January 31, 2008

i just got a lifetime's dose of cuteness at and now i'm the happiest girl you ever met. that site is just the antidote to sadness, really. and i wasn't sad, just a touch bored and lazy feeling. now i feel alive with the power of precious kitties.

just gradin papers around here and doin my taxes and other such boring stuff. it's supposed to dump tons of snow on us tonight and i kinda wish it would if only for something different to look at. i mean, it's cold as fuck here anyway, it might as well be squishy. and snow makes walking around more fun. wow, i must be in a pretty lame mental place to both blogging abt the weather and actually interested in it at the same time. yikes.

but there's a party saturday that i actually got invited to so yay to that and yay to whatever other kind of fun i can scrounge up this weekend. i should try to convince myself that grading papers at k.dees (or however you spell it) coffee shop on main is good times.

right. that one might take a while.

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