Saturday, January 19, 2008

the black sparrow

so i finally got to check out the new bar in town and it is pretty cool. the decor is interesting and almost there; it just needs to be more integrated. like the main room doesn't exactly go with the side room, there's a huge empty metal shelf just hanging out in one corner, and a big red wall with nothing on it. also, the total lack of proper ventilation makes for a very smoky experience. my eyeballs actually still burn if i close them for too long. but jesus maria if it's not nice to have an alternative to the knickerbocker.

d and i are going to see another movie tonight so i'm excited for that. i was thinking last night that it's no wonder i can't seem to find many movies that make me happy. it's so easy to come up with shit that's gross and horrifying to people. i mean, you can concoct a plot with several shitty people betraying each other in like 10 minutes. it's a lot harder to create things that will really, genuinely charm people. i think that takes a lot more imagination.

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