Sunday, January 13, 2008

better and sleepy

didn't last week feel like it took a year to get to friday? and by the time friday rolled around, all i wanted to do was faceplant into my soft sea green sheets. which i did, but serious. and all for the best! i feel significantly less exhausted.

so this was the weekend where i read magazines, slept and slept and slept, ignored taking out the trash but washed lots of dishes, and drank lots of pellegrino. it wasn't particularly exciting but it did feel like a healthy, restorative sort of thing.

watched ratatouille (sp?) with david and loved it (again). i don't usually like animated films very much, but this one is very charming to me. perhaps because it combines life-affirmingness and creativity-loving with cooking. i'm finding it harder and harder to find movies where i emerge feeling refreshed and excited. like, we also saw i am legend at the midnight showing on friday and i emerged from that one feeling like speedy vampire growlers might be hiding in the ladies room. i actually felt the urge to run to the car when we got out the theater. plus, (spoiler here!!!! so close yr eyes if you want to see the movie) it violates russell's cardinal movie rule: never kill the dog. which made me cry and i don't want my action/vampire flicks to make me cry, you know?

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