Wednesday, December 5, 2007

not too much happening

but i'll post anyway. the borscht turned out pretty well altho if i made it in the future, i'd probably incorporate some elements from barefoot contessa's recipe. even david liked it tho and he had some initial trepidation. after stirring the big wooden spoon around in the pot a couple of times, i believe he said, "well, this looks wacky as shit, babe." but then he went back and got more so it must not have been too bad.

meeting somaieh for lunch at bistro 501 tomorrow which should be nice and girl talky. i like that restaurant except for that it looks like the insides of some crazy country grandma. too many chicken/rooster type decorations.

what else? i'm staring down the last two days of teaching for the semester--that's pretty damn cool. then there's adryan's birthday party this sunday. a potential trip to indy to look for a birthday present for sarah and an outfit to her holiday party for the following weekend. so it's all parties and lunches and snowy sidewalks here in the midwest. i'm gonna try my hardest not to go all amy winehouse at the parties too. mostly because i'm afraid all that misbehavin is going to get me wrinkled before my time.

oh! and every december they string little white lights on the dome-y top of the courthouse here and i can see them all sparkley and cheery from my window. that's nice.

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