Monday, December 3, 2007

"look at all this beauty in the world"

says a letter to this month's nylon mag. indeed, fan letter-writer, indeed. a full 48 hr recovery time later and i too am back with the beauty angle. not that i lost it really or ever could but i get a little depressed when i'm hungover or over-sensitive. like, d and i watched this scary movie last night and it made me feel kind of sick to my stomach and sad. i can't handle too much when i'm hung over. but i guess everything does seem sort of fragile and beautiful too.

at any rate, i'm back with the robust beauty thing and just o.d.-ed (jesus fuck, how do you spell that?) on fashion mags. ugh. mary-kate may be doing her own special fashion boho thing but it was waaay too much for my eyeballs right now. she just blew out my brain. i had to go wash the dishes from dinner to get the image of her wearing fucking ostrich feathers or peacock feathers or whatever out of my head.

but i'm all clear now. and all prepped for my very first attempt at borscht-making tomorrow night! i bet david can't wait for that one. hah. i'm stoked tho. last month's bust had a recipe and i'm gonna give it a whirl. with a nice salad, some black bread, a side of mashed potatoes and a big glass of red...mmmmhhhmmm. it's time for borscht. i'll let you know how it goes.

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