Wednesday, December 12, 2007

free bird

i'm definitely feeling the freedom even tho i haven't finished my grading yet. today i went to indy for some holiday shopping and narrowly avoided dropping a money bomb on j.crew basics. they have very cute scarves, enamel bracelets (i got one of the big black and white ones), coats and those damn bateau sweaters. instead, i dropped a baby-sized money bomb at anthropologie on a wacky dress to wear to sarah's holiday party. it has waaay more character than any of that j.crew stuff anyway. and it's another wacky dress to add to my wacky dress collection. i also got some little stud earrings in the shape of pink roses. awwwww.

but much fun has been had lately. i especially liked last friday when we thought all fun was lost at 1am when no one was out at bistro. but then david, phil and i showed up at paul and whit's and found a party happenin. and whit invited beckett over so even the puppy got to play. plus, bk was a little grouchy feeling i think and kept mumbling things like 'i'm gonna eat yr face off' or, alternately, 'i'm gonna bite yr face.' which was infinitely amusing to me and might soon be incorporated into my own speech patterns. hard to figure tho who would appreciate that kind of talk and who might not.

apparently people are out tonight as well. but first i need to eat (pasta or spicy stir fry?).

fun stuff to look forward to--coffee with my dissertation director on friday to talk prospectus plans and then sarah's party in chicago. yay.

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