Friday, December 7, 2007

and the last two words abt prelims are:

high pass!!!!

yay. i'm so happy and relieved and whatever it's all behind me now. and now that i've passed, i promise i won't just conform and join the whole hazing culture myself. instead, i can work on tearing down the whole hierarchical bullshit system from the inside out. oh, did i say that in a public forum? what i meant to say was that i still need to defend my dissertation prospectus. but that's next semester and tonight i will go out to some bars to celebrate jumping through the biggest hoop i've ever jumped through.

and there are a few things happening--some philosophy type peeps are going to spurlocks and some dance type peeps are going to bistro 501. i may try to do both. but first i will take a big, fat nap.


noweverybody said...

Fuck yes. Congrats. Someday I'll be there too. Jealous.

jen said...

no need for jealousy! knowing you, you'll go somewhere 10 times better and get like a summa cum laude high pass or whatever.