Wednesday, December 12, 2007

free bird

i'm definitely feeling the freedom even tho i haven't finished my grading yet. today i went to indy for some holiday shopping and narrowly avoided dropping a money bomb on j.crew basics. they have very cute scarves, enamel bracelets (i got one of the big black and white ones), coats and those damn bateau sweaters. instead, i dropped a baby-sized money bomb at anthropologie on a wacky dress to wear to sarah's holiday party. it has waaay more character than any of that j.crew stuff anyway. and it's another wacky dress to add to my wacky dress collection. i also got some little stud earrings in the shape of pink roses. awwwww.

but much fun has been had lately. i especially liked last friday when we thought all fun was lost at 1am when no one was out at bistro. but then david, phil and i showed up at paul and whit's and found a party happenin. and whit invited beckett over so even the puppy got to play. plus, bk was a little grouchy feeling i think and kept mumbling things like 'i'm gonna eat yr face off' or, alternately, 'i'm gonna bite yr face.' which was infinitely amusing to me and might soon be incorporated into my own speech patterns. hard to figure tho who would appreciate that kind of talk and who might not.

apparently people are out tonight as well. but first i need to eat (pasta or spicy stir fry?).

fun stuff to look forward to--coffee with my dissertation director on friday to talk prospectus plans and then sarah's party in chicago. yay.

Friday, December 7, 2007

and the last two words abt prelims are:

high pass!!!!

yay. i'm so happy and relieved and whatever it's all behind me now. and now that i've passed, i promise i won't just conform and join the whole hazing culture myself. instead, i can work on tearing down the whole hierarchical bullshit system from the inside out. oh, did i say that in a public forum? what i meant to say was that i still need to defend my dissertation prospectus. but that's next semester and tonight i will go out to some bars to celebrate jumping through the biggest hoop i've ever jumped through.

and there are a few things happening--some philosophy type peeps are going to spurlocks and some dance type peeps are going to bistro 501. i may try to do both. but first i will take a big, fat nap.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

not too much happening

but i'll post anyway. the borscht turned out pretty well altho if i made it in the future, i'd probably incorporate some elements from barefoot contessa's recipe. even david liked it tho and he had some initial trepidation. after stirring the big wooden spoon around in the pot a couple of times, i believe he said, "well, this looks wacky as shit, babe." but then he went back and got more so it must not have been too bad.

meeting somaieh for lunch at bistro 501 tomorrow which should be nice and girl talky. i like that restaurant except for that it looks like the insides of some crazy country grandma. too many chicken/rooster type decorations.

what else? i'm staring down the last two days of teaching for the semester--that's pretty damn cool. then there's adryan's birthday party this sunday. a potential trip to indy to look for a birthday present for sarah and an outfit to her holiday party for the following weekend. so it's all parties and lunches and snowy sidewalks here in the midwest. i'm gonna try my hardest not to go all amy winehouse at the parties too. mostly because i'm afraid all that misbehavin is going to get me wrinkled before my time.

oh! and every december they string little white lights on the dome-y top of the courthouse here and i can see them all sparkley and cheery from my window. that's nice.

Monday, December 3, 2007

"look at all this beauty in the world"

says a letter to this month's nylon mag. indeed, fan letter-writer, indeed. a full 48 hr recovery time later and i too am back with the beauty angle. not that i lost it really or ever could but i get a little depressed when i'm hungover or over-sensitive. like, d and i watched this scary movie last night and it made me feel kind of sick to my stomach and sad. i can't handle too much when i'm hung over. but i guess everything does seem sort of fragile and beautiful too.

at any rate, i'm back with the robust beauty thing and just o.d.-ed (jesus fuck, how do you spell that?) on fashion mags. ugh. mary-kate may be doing her own special fashion boho thing but it was waaay too much for my eyeballs right now. she just blew out my brain. i had to go wash the dishes from dinner to get the image of her wearing fucking ostrich feathers or peacock feathers or whatever out of my head.

but i'm all clear now. and all prepped for my very first attempt at borscht-making tomorrow night! i bet david can't wait for that one. hah. i'm stoked tho. last month's bust had a recipe and i'm gonna give it a whirl. with a nice salad, some black bread, a side of mashed potatoes and a big glass of red...mmmmhhhmmm. it's time for borscht. i'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


so now i know that dirty martini + several glasses of mulled wine + regular wine + appletinis + a whiskey = toppley jen. it was not a pretty scene there at the end of the night for old jb. i do think i did everything that i listed on the last post though so at least i'm consistent. now i think it's time to tuck fun jen back deep in the psyche and try to be a healthy, reasonable girl for a while.

it shouldn't be a problem considering how crappy i still feel now and it's almost 11 in the pm. tired of feeling crappy. so here's to the new health!