Saturday, November 10, 2007

un petit problem

so, yeah, i have creative ways of treating myself when under extreme stress. today, i bought a bunch of shit from such as the super hot lingerie soap avec sexy goth lettering, the white on white scentless candle and cerise hand lotion. mostly because i like how words look on things i can actually use.

i also ate a bunch of twizzlers and drank like 3 litres of diet squirt and watched 3 eps of csi season two.

also, whit hand delivered my toys/potions/lotions from last week's party. treats! i'd say more but i don't want any family members to have to bleach out their eyeballs after reading my blogs. plus (and god i hope this isn't me) there are some people who's sexuality is just HORRIFYING and you'd rather die than imagine them in any kind of compromising position. there are several bloggers out there that write brilliantly and well abt a little bit of the shush, the bad but it's not me. and they're not writing abt those kinds of things anymore. not that i'm repressed or whatevs, i'm just not a good writer on that score.

anyway, i wrote this post to say that sometimes a girl just needs to buy a chic candle. and if that makes her feel like it's okay if she doesn't pass prelims, then a chic candle or whatever else stylish french shit she has to load up on, well then, that's just gotta be how it works for the time being.

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