Thursday, November 1, 2007

russell's on to something

talk abt blah-g. the only words that come out when i open my mouth are: prelims, prelims, and prelims. totally dullsville.

there is whit's special ladies only toy party on saturday to look forward to and a potential trader joe's run to indy but that's abt it.

otherwise, it's just me, my piles of books and my obsession abt losing my eyesight. fun times! what'll really be fun is thanksgiving break when david goes to visit family and i'm trapped in my apartment for the 7-day prelim. by the time he comes back, i'll probably be hanging from the rafters talking gibberish.

FUCK! i'm in a bad mood. and not because of you. and not because of prelims. let's just call it the current state of shit around here. i'm annoyed.

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