Saturday, November 10, 2007


was much more fun than expected. and possibly the easiest, most comfortable vita line i'm ever gonna get. so, the caribbean lit panels were in a conference room around an enormous table and we all got to sit in big cozy leather chairs and drink ice water from pretty cobalt glasses. no one had to stand up even and the audience was almost entirely made up of the students from class. very comfy and low-stress. so we all just read our papers and i moderated a panel (for the first time) and it was all very happy and laughy and cool.

then we went to lunch and drank beer and talked abt wine and traveling europe and music and stuff. the prof was very complimentary to me and, since he's on my prelim committee, this makes me very happy. gotta love hughesy. plus, buffy told me she thinks i'm pretty. and since buffy is supremely gorgeous i take this as an enormous compliment. all in all, cleveland was good for the ego. *should not* have had those three drinks before the plane tho cuz i ended up with a ginormous headache and then had to drive home from indy at midnight all tired and headachey and whatnot.

but, tevs. i'm home and now i can focus on the prelims. this wednesday, people! holy shit! so i'm skipping the party at tess/anna/jon's to actually write. all i accomplished on the plane to cleve was a bunch of arrow drawing to move around paragraphs and fuzzy note taking.

maybe i'll blog more later as a distraction from writing.

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