Friday, November 30, 2007

it's friday night, it's 1am

and i'm in for the night. but whatevs, tomorrow is hanukkah with monica and i believe it will be rockin. not only is it in a poshy loft pad, it's right down the hall from me! fab fab fab. i also know that there will be (in addition to martinis and tasty snacky goodness) a strobe light and fog machine. and for a grad school holiday party, that's a real committment. so i'm bringing fun jen out for the night. that means full on drinking swearing dancing potentially vomiting on a bathmat telling you you're gorgeous winding up with mystery bruises dancing inappropriately with pretty much everyone somehow remembering to walk the dog at 5am and then passing out with all my clothes on. knowing that none of that will embarrass my boyfriend is only a tiny fraction of why i'm head over heels in love with him. knowing that he'll be right next to me doing 3/4 of that list is the other part.

oh, yeah, and he turned 32 on tuesday! so i bought him a nice coat from j.crew and took him to maize where we had the best salad in the world (the one with pecans, bleu cheese, apples, etc), split a bottle of seghesio zinfandel (which i love) and i had house-made manicotti with spinach and mushrooms and he had salmon and then we split an awesome creme brulee and he had a white russian and i had a hot buttered rum. my first hot buttered rum! i've always wanted one and i finally had it and it was SO GOOD. i'm not lying.

now i'm gonna watch csi and sleep for like 900 hrs.

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