Thursday, November 29, 2007

i must be feeling like a lady

cuz i'm obsessed with like 3/4 of the j.crew catalog that i got in the mail today. all those bateau sweaters and crisp italian coats and skinny argyle tops...yes, please! i'm also abt 10 seconds away from buying myself a blingy diamond letter j necklace from red envelope as a being done with prelims present. but that would be crazy and i'm not yet quite crazy enough to buy myself diamonds. have them given to me, sure. buy them on a grad school budget, not so much. or not yet...

but i'm all a-twitter because i found out from the lovely and talented j.ware that i get to pick up an extra section of 106 next semester and since it's a 4-credit class that means i get paid for full-time! that's an extra $600/month. i know it's totally gauche to talk abt how much money you make but whatevs. i'm so excited i don't even care, yo.

give me a couple years and i'm gonna have a huge ass pearlescent range rover L322 with enormous rims and that's just gonna be the car i drive my dog around in. i'll also have like a shiny purple 1976 chevy impala with the virgin of guadalupe airbrushed on the hood and hydraulics to drive to wherever i'm professoring and then a 1970 porsche 911T in eggshell white with a red leather interior for when i go out on the town. and a light blue vespa for scooting. whenever i just need to scoot, you know. like a lady.

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