Thursday, November 22, 2007

happy traditional non traditional

thanksgiving peeps. today i wrote prelims, ate indian food by myself (spicy vegetable curry, garlic naan, and one samosa), listened to dr. dre 'the chronic' really loud and drank several whiskeys. and watched broken english which was fine but not the best parker posey ever and also is the worst parts of being single rather than the best parts. but i guess when you're single you only know the worst parts and when you're in a couple you only know the best parts. now i'm going back to work. which sounds like a drag so i'll prolly poor myself another whiskey.

i think if iris murdoch were alive she would love me and if she loves me, she should make writing this prelim answer a lot easier. you know, that old broad is pretty hard to pin down. some writers say what they want to say but, with her, she makes you guess and then throws three problems at you once you think you've got something. what an ornery little scot, that one.

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