Sunday, November 4, 2007

dreamy sunday

what a spaced out day today was. hungover (surprise, surprise) from last night's sex-toy-party-turned-lafayette-bar scene, i barely managed to make it to borders. while there i found four magazines and an urgent desire to pass out on the floor. then i came home, took a nap with beckett and david and read two magazines in bed while drinking purple gatorade. then we ordered indian food and watched part of 'jet lag' with jean reno and juliette binoche. so far, it's meh. then i typed like two sentences on one of my prelim questions before returning to my bed to talk to miller.

but we had plenty to discuss! this friday, sarah and matt got engaged! nutso. it still hasn't entered my head that they're going to be married like real live grown ups. but i'm excited for them and excited that i will have a wedding to attend, even if it won't be for a year or two. makes me want diamonds of my own. sort of. but who's ready for happily ever after? not me, not yet.

maybe i should have bought them some engagement gifts at whit's last night! not that i needed to make any more purchases, having dropped a little over a hundred bucks on assorted lubes, pheromones and one mystery his and hers "heightener." who knows what that even means? i also bought something called a 'tool belt' that looks intriguing but might require a little convincing.

anyway, even tho i felt horrible today (in a very acute, physical sense) i also felt like a very lucky girl who has a really pretty fun life with lovely people in it. and if i feel this pleasant now, how will i feel on nov 26th at 9:00am when i turn in that bastard of a prelim? pretty damn good, i'll wager.

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