Monday, November 12, 2007


is abt how i'm feeling right now. tired, drained, and emotionally wonky. i have not yet upgraded (downgraded?) my bad feelers to 'shit-ass' which, on my dad's scale, is much much worse than crap-ass. altho now that i've repeated crap-ass so many times i'm actually smiling. because that is a god damned funny word. it's even funnier when my dad says it in all seriousness.

at any rate, i'm clearly dreading los prelims. further, i believe my foul mood is also based on reading too much lacan in one sitting. i figured out that whacked out diagram for subjectivity and desire several months ago but now it just looks like a diagram for a ballpark. i'm convinced that the doctors were wrong over the summer and that i do have m.s. either that or i have a serious case of brain-rot. neither is good.

enough venting for the night. time to drag this sluggish brain back to the books. i will pick up harvey's the condition of postmodernity now to think abt postmodern connections to nature. or lack thereof. all my questions are blending together in my brain--like trying to keep the question on globalization/comsmopolitanism separate from the one on the potential for social formation in city space is slippery. and then city space bleeds into the nature question and it's all abt language and desire anyway so here's abt the point at which i want to take a dive off my upstairs ponywall into the whirling ceiling fan.


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