Tuesday, November 20, 2007

back for a flash

to say prelims part one sucked a bit and prelims part two are much more chill. i got the questions i wanted and rowe wants no more than 15pp which is preferable to the 30 that i expected. by far, my friends. plus, this essay is fun to me. murdoch and material culture, so i've got a (more or less) fun writer plus writing abt food, collections, adornment, bodies and spaces. that's like an academic dream come true for jb.

if you've not read murdoch, my favorites right now are the bell and the green knight with the green knight in front. it has some truly beautiful sentences and a lot of thinking abt solitude, love, creative production, and family. (rssl read it!). i also like the sacred and profane love machine and the sea, the sea if you don't mind a little misery in yr prose. man, i'm dying for a writer without the misery! someone write something beautiful for me that isn't totally mired, if you know what i mean. something serious but beautiful and hopeful and gorgeous. if i had any god damned imagination, i'd write it for myself but i'm totally academically retarded at this point. too much theory. theory has completely fucked the creative impulses out of my soul. at least for now. i'll get back, swear to myself.

at any rate, this book called faulkner and material culture is really helping me out with the sort of general grounding i need for prelims part 2: planning the diss. so i'm gonna sign off and head in the direction of that book.

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