Thursday, October 4, 2007

umm, so, yeah

bought the chair. if i ever complain abt being broke now, don't listen. i'm obviously the kind of girl who can buy a nonsense chair instead of further paying down her credit card. one of my lawyer friends in san francisco who makes tons more money than me still uses a cardboard box to hold her toaster. and here i am buying a 'minimalist icon' on the government's dime.

i'm not fretting tho, i'm super excited to get it. mostly because it has a back and arms, unlike the stool i use now which is giving me a grandma hunch back and hurty shoulders. plus, i really don't want to buy anything that's throw away if i can avoid it. i mean, my bedroom furniture is my auntie's newlywed furniture from the 40s. i love that--the idea that she lived her life and folded her shirts and put them in that chest of drawers and now i'm putting my probably less perfectly folded shirts in there too. anyway, gives me a good continuity feeling and a feeling that i don't have to surrounded by shoddy ass ikea clapboard. maybe 60 years from now someone will have her stuff *and* my stuff.

but enough of that. now i go to finish grading papers for the students.

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