Sunday, October 21, 2007

trying to keep it together

prelims are looming and i've the tight chest feeling of near-hyperventilation. or heart attack. you know, whatevs.

i've been reading and drinking too much lately. my eye feels wonky and tired. i have a new image that pops in my head when i can't fall asleep (this should amuse/horrify russell since the last one seemed weird enough). anyway, it used to be that when i couldn't fall asleep i would imagine my head getting smashed in by an enormous hammer over and over again. it kinda helped me stop thinking so much. well, now, i imagine a huge sword lopping off my head at the neck which flings my head into a metal garbage can--you know, that old school kind that oscar the grouch lives in? it also lands in there with a resounding thud. maybe these are the sorts of things a girl should keep to herself.

so, yeah, i'm really holding it down over here.

i expect i'll feel better when i actually start writing.

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