Sunday, October 14, 2007

this weekend went by too fast. maybe that's cuz yesterday was land of the vicious hangover day. yeah, what happens when i don't have many social outlets and then there's an mfa fundraiser at the knickerbocker is that i drink several martinis and then at least three, maybe four jamesons. some three a.m. pizza and c.s.i saved my ass tho. i had a screaming headache on saturday but no sickies. so that's something to be grateful for i suppose.

for halloween party i'm gonna practice something called 'limits' to see if i know them. i used to, but good. now it seems not so much. anyway, tevs. if occasionally boozing it up like a total boozer is gonna get me thru the emotional toil of school, so be it.

tomorrow is officially one-month-to-prelims day. i've done all this research and looked thru a bunch of my books to find quotations and finished my questions but i am literally scared to start typing. scared, like weird feeling in my stomach scared. i guess b/c i know that figuring out exactly how to answer these dumb questions is going to be confusing and painful. and i kind of like the pre-writing phase where it all seems possible but i don't have to deal with pain of actually doing it.

but write i must! if you could send me good vibes for a month and two weeks tho, i would really appreciate it.

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